The location of Linq 2022 was everything and we can't wait for you to learn more about the venue we've chosen for Linq 2023! We'll be able to offer our attendees an immersive experience with stunning scenery, unique architecture, and delicious food. Join Linq 2023 and discover it yourself!

Break the Mould

Linq 2022 was held at Minthis Resort and we challenged the concept of conference experience.

The views were both awe inspiring as well as relaxing, preparing us for amazing two days ahead with all those who had chosen to join.

Linq 2023 venue will be announced soon!

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Build Network

You'll never forget Linq. You're in for a once-in-a lifetime experience as we immerse you into the world of networking and tea ceremonies with other likeminded individuals who are just as passionate about tech!

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Executive dinner

Imagine yourself on the grounds of a 12th century monastery, surrounded by stunning architecture and nature. You're about to embark upon an exquisite culinary journey while enjoying tranquil atmosphere with cello music.

This was Linq 2022 experience, we'll share the details of executive dinner at Linq 2023 soon!

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