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2023 Speakers

The world needs new ideas, and we're here to provide a platform for them.

World cinema
Andrey Zvyagintsev
Andrey Zvyagintsev Film director

Andrey Zvyagintsev is a prominent film director and screenwriter and a member of the American and European Film Academies.

Mariusz Gasiewski
Mariusz Gasiewski CEE Mobile Gaming and Apps Lead

Mariusz Gasiewski is a frequent speaker at gaming and mobile conferences and a founder of GameCamp by Google.

Life Science
Ernesto Inarkiev
Ernesto Inarkiev Co-founder, chess grandmaster

Grandmaster, European Chess Champion, top 100 worldwide. Expert in the field of developing effective thinking through game techniques.

Life Science
Andrey Sokolov
Andrey Sokolov Co-founder

Integral Leadership program "Evolution" invited expert. 20 years coaching of acting skills and storytelling for businesses. Advises founders and top executives.

Two & Half Gamers
Jakub Remiar
Jakub Remiar Game design

8+ years in games industry, specializing in mobile F2P titles as a game designer. Now consulting on product/game design and co-hosting "Two & Half Gamers" podcast.

Anton Yakovlev
Anton Yakovlev CMO

Over 10 years of experience in UA and marketing for mobile, social and web games.
Dmitrii Ilinov
Dmitrii Ilinov Senior Solution Consultant

Senior Solution Consultant Gaming and Go-to-Market Lead Europe with 12 years of experience in SaaS, Cloud and Mobile.

Andre Gromkovski
Andre Gromkovski Vice President

Mr. Gromkovski holds an MSc in Psychology, Sports Management and BSc in Political Science. He has over 20 years of experince in building and managing teams.

Anh Nguyen
Anh Nguyen VP of Growth

Doing marketing at scale for both gaming and non-gaming apps

Emotion lab
Ance Gricmane
Ance Gricmane CEO & owner

Artist and docent. Exhibited globally and featured in museum collections. Ance is showing how art making process can make the mind stop, relax and gain peace.

Valiotti Analytics
Nick Valiotti
Nick Valiotti CEO

Valiotti Analytics founder, empowers startups in mobile and digital fields with custom analytics stacks. Created Cyprus Data, a vibrant data enthusiast community.

Marko Petkovic
Marko Petkovic CEO

Marko has 16 years of experience in creating, publishing, and marketing digital products like websites, apps, and games. His team and him are running a portfolio of 350+ multi-platform apps and games.

Vladimir Djordjevic
Vladimir Djordjevic AI Art Lead

Vladimir picked up generative AI art skills in a very short time following the release of this new technology. He helps the art team with challenges this technology brings.

The Island School
Deborah Economou
Deborah Economou Head of school

Deborah is constantly seeking to transform the educational experience for young people to one where they can become intrinsically motivated to learn and to be curious.

Crazy Panda
Ivan Kozyev
Ivan Kozyev COO

Ivan is deeply passionate about both data and game development. Specializing in game monetization, market analysis, data analytics, and user acquisition.

Dr. Nickel & OptimMed
Michael Bernstein
Michael Bernstein CEO

Leading global medical advancements, he's built an exclusive network of specialists across diverse disciplines.

Katerina Dovnar
Katerina Dovnar Executive Producer

I hold the role of Executive Producer at MGVC, leveraging my extensive experience in producing and overseeing operations within both game development and entertainment sectors.

Andrey Chernyakov
Andrey Chernyakov Founder

Executive Coach, facilitator, consultant specializing in top manager assessment, corporate culture building, and team effectiveness.

Can Ergin
Can Ergin Partnership Manager

With over 5+ years of experience in the ad-tech and gaming industries, Can is passionate about helping games scale and creating new partnerships.

Ivan Trancik
Ivan Trancik CEO & Founder

Entrepreneur, gamer, growth-hacker, and now CEO of SuperScale.

Kolibri Games
Jakub Trancik
Jakub Trancik Product Director

Jakub is revitalizing a longstanding flagship game, demonstrating that even 7-year-old titles can thrive in today's mobile games market.

Mojca Ipavec
Mojca Ipavec HR Specialist

The speaker about Growing & Changing the Company Culture

Gala Grigoreva
Gala Grigoreva CMO

Gala leads marketing for top IT firms, focusing on mobile apps, crypto projects, and ad tech. She's known for forming high-performing teams and launching multi-billion dollar IT products.

The Games Fund
Maria Kochmola
Maria Kochmola Founder

Maria is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of The Games Fund, a $50m VC fund investing in early-stage gaming companies.

Anna-Maria Treneva
Anna-Maria Treneva Group Director, Central & Eastern Europe

A Group Director CEE at Meta platforms. Through her tenure at Meta she held variety of roles including Country Director, Head of Sales, CEE.

Tofu (GetPaid Inc.)
Alexey Bogdanov
Alexey Bogdanov CEO

CEO&Founder at Tofu (

Roman Khomchuk
Roman Khomchuk Mobile Apps Consultant

Roman works at Google AdMob, as a monetization consultant where he helps apps and games publishers to drive profitable growth.

Solar Staff
Pavel Shynkarenko
Pavel Shynkarenko CEO&Co-founder

For the last 20 years, Pavel has been actively exploring the future of work, freelancing, and at the same time, building a career as an artist.

SMOK Ventures
Diana Koziarska
Diana Koziarska Partner

SMOK Ventures Partner & ReaktorX co-founder. SMOK Ventures, a US VC fund, invests 100k-1M EUR in early-stage CEE startups, focusing on software & gaming.

Made on Earth Games
Yuriy Krasilnikov
Yuriy Krasilnikov Сo-founder

Expert in propelling startups and top-100 grossing game developers in mobile apps and gaming through advancements, business development, and strategic partnerships.

Andy Simanschi
Andy Simanschi Head of Product

With a strong background in motion graphics and technology, Andy currently leads the development of Animart, a groundbreaking AI tool for After Effects at Skywaylab.

The Games Fund
Ilia Eremeev
Ilia Eremeev Founder

Progressed from artist to game designer, director, studio manager, and creative/executive producer. Joined MGVC in 2018, pioneering European video game industry investment.

Kosmos Games
Alexander Lubchenko
Alexander Lubchenko CMO

Over the past 7 years, my focus has revolved around promoting mobile games and making strategic investments in the gaming industry and its associated sectors.

Cocoon Creations
Elena Georgiou Strouthos
Elena Georgiou Strouthos Co-Founder & CTO

Co-Founder & CTO in software design. Tech background in hospitality, involved in Cypriot Enterprise Link, hosts "Breaking the 20%" podcast, and is a Women Techmakers Ambassador.

Highcore Games
Ivan Domankov
Ivan Domankov CEO

Over 10 years of experince in GameDev, midcore and hypercore expertise

Evolution New
Pedro Fabião
Pedro Fabião Chief Clown Officer

Pedro is a renowned performer and consultant, blending theater arts with corporate training. He provides workshops on creativity, humor, empathy, and leadership for global organizations including Google and McKinsey.

OneSoil AG
Morten Schmidt
Morten Schmidt CEO

Morten Schmidt CEO OneSoil since October 1, 2021. Morten has more than 15 years of management and agricultural industry experience from leading Ag machinery companies CNHI and AGCO.

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