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Jeremy White
Jeremy White Senior Innovation Editor

Jeremy White is a public speaker and the senior innovation editor of Wired, the influential technology and trends magazine that covers the innovations and businesses building the future. In charge of analysing and identifying emerging trends and technological shifts that will affect both consumers and businesses, White is an expert speaker in a multitude of subjects from Internet of Things to AI, smart homes to cyber security, autonomous cars to innovation in the financial sector. Jeremy White was a digital editor at the Financial Times, and prior to that was technology editor at Esquire magazine.

Mariusz Gasiewski
Mariusz Gasiewski CEE Mobile Gaming Lead

Mariusz Gasiewski has been with Google since 2007. He is leading mobile gaming and apps initiatives at Google for Startups Campus in Warsaw, supporting growth of mobile gaming and apps ecosystem in in the CEE region. During most of his career was helping some of Google’s biggest clients in Central and Eastern Europe in preparation and implementation of mobile measurement strategies. He is a frequent speaker at gaming and mobile conferences and a founder of GameCamp (www.gamecamp.io), one of the biggest mobile gaming and apps specialists communities in Europe.

Amazon Web Services
Elena Ehrlich
Elena Ehrlich Principal Data Scientist

Elena Ehrlich is a Principal Data Scientist with Amazon Web Services. She has a PhD in Mathematics from Imperial College London and has worked across industries including defense with BAE Systems in the UK, finance at Winton Capital in Switzerland, and ad tech at IBM in Silicon Valley. Today she is working with customers to develop and integrate machine learning and AI solutions on AWS.

Oleg Shkoda
Oleg Shkoda Technical Product Marketing Manager

IT specialist. Real-time graphics enthusiast. Ray-Tracing advocate.

Andrey Moroz
Andrey Moroz CEO

CEO and Co-Founder of Bluelight, play-to-earn game based on Take My Muffin animation series

Alexei Chernobrovov
Alexei Chernobrovov CEO

Alexei Chernobrovov, Ph.D. Data science consultant, chernobrovov.com Worked with some well-known companies: Raiffeisen Bank, Mazda, Ok.ru (VK), M.Video, Rostelecom, X5 Retail Group, VTB, Severstal, SkyEng and etc. Lecture at X5 Academy and AIMasters. Member of the Expert Council of the Runet Prize. Speaker of all top conferences on marketing, analytics and data science: Re-Work (AI IN RETAIL), DSS EUROPE, DSC EUROPE, Oborot.ru, Datafest, Metamarkets, Go Analytics! and etc.

Andrey Ivashentsev
Andrey Ivashentsev Founder

I develop XR community in CEE region to bring our world closer to metaverse. I’ve founded MIXR – largest independent XR conference in the region, now developing AR,VR and other Digital projects in Retail and other industries. Sometimes I consult corporations and startups on innovations and immersive tech.

Valeria Salimova
Valeria Salimova CPO

Experienced PO in building and developing B2B SaaS and B2C products in GameDev, Martech and Medtech (ex-DOC+, ManyChat, Legionfarm and Smartomica).

Roman Smirnov
Roman Smirnov Senior ML Engineer

Machine learning engineer and tech leader of RnD teams with more than 6 years of experience in the development, training, and deployment of transformer-based models, primary solving NLP, and audio processing tasks.

Sunday Games
Serge Kopov
Serge Kopov CEO & Founder

Love to create innovative apps and games. Released over 50 since 2006. Using blockchain in games since 2017. Released 0xUniverse one of the most popular games on Ethereum and Polygon in 2019-2020. Now creating a p2e sci-fi sandbox survival MMORPG called Supernova.

Valerii Babushkin
Valerii Babushkin VP, Data Science

Valerii works at Blockchain.com as a VP, Data science. Before that he worked in Facebook as the WhatApp User Data Privacy Tech Lead, at Alibaba Russia as the VP of Machine Learning and at X5 Retail Group as a Senior Director of Data Science. Also, Valerii is a Kaggle competition Grand Master.

iLogos Game Studios, Play2Earn Ltd
Alexander Goldybin
Alexander Goldybin Co-founder

Alexander Goldybin has more than 20 years of experience in the game industry. Right now, apart from iLogos, Alexander works as a founder of AI Forge, an AI-incubator company, where he indulges his relatively (in comparison to gamedev, of course) recent interest in AI/ML technologies and refines his expertise within the sphere. In addition he is a LP with several venture funds and an angel investor.

Alexander Mokryak
Alexander Mokryak Machine Learning Team Lead

I am the Team Lead of the Machine Learning Engineering team at Exness. I have more than six years of backend engineering experience and ML experience of more than five years. Now I am responsible for the ML models lifecycle in the company, starting from developing the model, deploying it, and monitoring and updating it.

Valiotti Analytics
Nikolai Valiotti
Nikolai Valiotti CEO

PhD in Economics, defended his thesis on the use of neural networks in business in 2014 at St. Petersburg State University. Headed the Data & BI direction at US company Airpush. In 2019, he founded Valiotti Analytics, where he provides analytical consulting for mobile and digital startups. Author of the @leftjoin telegram channel and the leftjoin.ru blog, in which he gives practical advice on applying analytics in business. He is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Analytics online in US university Georgia Tech.

Yana Bashlykevich
Yana Bashlykevich Chief Commercial Officer

Yana Bashlykevich is a chief commercial officer and director of paid collaborations at Mediacube, which is a partner of Google, an ecosystem for YouTube creators, and a fintech team with its own payment product for bloggers called MC Pay. Since 2016 has been responsible for launching influencer marketing campaigns on YouTube for various types of businesses (fintech, crypto, FMCG, E-commerce, etc). Nowadays is working in the field of licensing, brand ambassadorship, and creator economy.

Dmitry Malahov
Dmitry Malahov Business development manager

Years of experience in the business development industry covering segments such as e-commerce, online gaming, customer support, product development.

Ivan Gorshkov
Ivan Gorshkov Head of Data Science and Analytics

Ivan holds the position Head of Data Science and Analytics in a Cyprus based brokerage company. He has 10+ year experience in introduction of data driven solutions to business processes in a wide range of applications (mainly in banking and finance). Has broad expertise in data science and machine learning, analytics and data engineering.

Leysan Hapughina
Leysan Hapughina Senior legal counsel

I have more that 15 years experience in protection of business and its founders interests mostly in international and multinational IT, media and service providing companies. My main goal is to be a lawyer without unnecessary bureaucracy.

Vsevolod Vainer
Vsevolod Vainer Product Director Cloud

9+ Year experience in Cloud / Edge / AI platforms

Alexey Petrovskikh
Alexey Petrovskikh Head of Streaming Platform

Has more that 15 years experience in video streaming. From live to video hosting. Launched education streams, fintech platform with video, launched FIFA Worldcup and Olympicg Games broadcasting. Helped to launch copies of Netflix, Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

Taxcom Services Limited
Kyriakos Hadjikyriakou
Kyriakos Hadjikyriakou Managing Director

Kyriakos Hadjikyriakou holds a BSc in Economics and Finance from the Athens University of Economic and Business. He is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Cyprus (ICPAC).

AsusPlus Auditors and Tax Consultants Ltd
Sofoklis Michail
Sofoklis Michail Tax Director

An experienced professional with more than 10 years of experience in corporate and financial services. An ACA qualified Tax Consultant, International Tax Affiliate of the Chartered Institute of Taxation with a Bachelor’s degree from London School Of Economics in Accounting and Finance, extensively exposed to both Cyprus and International Tax. Founder and Director of AsusPlus Auditors and Tax Consultants Ltd. Skilled and experienced in structuring Tax efficient International corporate structures and assisting with legal and tax compliance requirements.

Evgeny Kolotinsky
Evgeny Kolotinsky Head of Data Science

From tech to product management and back

Igor Sheinikov
Igor Sheinikov Managing Partner, CBDO

15 years of leading the changes in structure, planning, motivation, and service excellence for outsourcing companies mixed with fun and some still unforgotten maths background and PhD in Space explorations. Big fan of skis, windsurfing and dogs.

Sergey Vasin
Sergey Vasin Partner

Sergey leads Flintera, a private equity firm. He is passionate about data analysis, business management, and scaling start-ups. Prior to Flintera, he spent six years in fintech in an alternative lending fund, where he delivered double-digit un-levered returns to the investors.

Kirill Shidenko
Kirill Shidenko CEO and Founder

More than 20years in internet marketing, last 7 years in app promotion.

Fourdev Software Limited
Dmitry Kochnev
Dmitry Kochnev CEO & Founder

CEO & Founder, 4Dev.com, prior to that, Managing Director, Skyeng

AsusPlus Auditors and Tax Consultants Ltd
Andreas Varianos
Andreas Varianos Managing Director

An experienced professional with more than 15 years of experience in corporate and financial services. Founder and managing director of AsusPlus Auditors and Tax Consultants Ltd. Actively involved in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) related structures as well as commercial and tax transactions. Holder of practicing certificate in Auditing in Cyprus and Malta. Skilled and experienced in structuring Tax efficient International corporate structures and assisting with legal and tax compliance requirements.

Warner Music Group
Tiago Correia
Tiago Correia Gaming & Next Gen Partnerships

A resourceful strategy professional with over 12 years of experience in the Media, Entertainment & Tech space and a Masters in Management from London Business School. I'm here to develop strategic partnerships with businesses in the creative and technology industries. As a strategist I've developed board-level strategy projects with FTSE 100 and S&P 500 firms, and companies I have worked with as partners have included Google, NBCUniversal, Apple, Spotify, Roblox, Dapper Labs, Genies, Epic Games, Sky, etc.

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